Another Debt – GONE!

After nearly a year of making payments on an auto loan for a truck that was totaled in an accident, the loan is paid in full.  That saves us $258 per month!  Woo!  That took way too long and was such a burden to have to pay every month for something we haven’t had in our possession – due to no fault of our own.

It’s bittersweet.  Sweet, because it’s a debt paid off and gone.  Bitter, because it would have been much nicer to have the truck.  But DH has his cash car and all is well.  No more auto loans for us, fingers crossed.

I’m hoping this account pay off reflects on DH’s credit soon.  I’m trying to boost his score.  He’s in the 650s, I’m in the 800s, but he’s the one with the income.  So if we ever needed to have our credit run again (home buying if we move), I need his to be just as good as mine.

Other updates:  The new gym class is kicking my ass.  I am so sore!!  My back nearly gave out during the last one.  I need a brace or something to help.  I hate it so much, but I’m forcing myself to go, it’s good for me.

House update:  We finally have contractors calling us back.  Two already came by and gave us an on the spot quote, about $3,000, which was very reasonable.  The second guy said he would email us an estimate within 1-2 days.  He was more focused on the condition of our roof!?  Which had nothing to do with the project we need complete.  And we had a no show Monday afternoon.  And two more scheduled, one today, and another on Wednesday.  After that we’ll pick on, schedule every thing, and get the ball rolling.  I know I’ll have to go back to insurance for more money, because what they paid out for labor, is no where near what we’re being quoted!  Adjustor is still MIA.

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