Life Feels Good (Knock on Wood!)

I am feeling great lately.  A nice break from being down in the dumps, which I feel has lasted since fall!  School starting back has been a life saver.  We’re back into a routine.  I’ve worked out a decent schedule for myself, and every thing is getting done.

I’m up at 6am during the week.  Get the kids ready and dropped off at their schools by 7:25am.  When I get home I’ll eat and work on a to do list.  Check emails, Indeed, county website, etc.  (I still haven’t heard back from the admin position I applied for.)  Then I do dishes and/or laundry, neaten up a bit.  I’m also finally getting around to unpacking boxes from the brief move last month.  And three days a week I attend the fitness class that is kicking my butt.

This last two weeks have been very busy.  We’ve had contractors coming and going.  Most are to offer bids on mother in laws kitchen downstairs, we’re hoping to get that started next week.  Only one guy has been able to provide a quote on the spot, the rest say “1-2 days”, but we’re on day 4-7 for a couple of them.  We’ve also had two no-shows.

I’m also dealing with contractors for upstairs as well.  This time to repair our floor where the movers damaged it.  And for our kitchen cabinets that were also broke during the move in process.  The flooring company assessed the floor damage (gouged quite badly) and said they would be back today to repair at 9:30-10:30am.  I hope they follow through!  I told them I’m not available for the rest of the day after noon.

We have a cabinet company working on getting a quote for custom cabinets to replace the broken ones.  Despite the moving company claiming they could be fixed, the cabinet makers say they cannot, and will need to be replaced.  That’s what we’re working on right now.  I don’t have a clue what to expect, expense-wise, but the moving company will be covering that cost.

I’m back to meal planning and cooking.  This saves us so much money!!  We’re eating dinner at the table together, I’ve missed that.  The boys are in bed by 7:15pm (DS2) and 8:30pm (DS1) with no issues.  They are sharing a room still, as I slowly unpack the disaster the movers left in DS2’s bedroom.  It’s working out well.

I’ve started working on a stricter budget.  Now that the truck loan is paid in full, I want to get back into the habit of following a specific budget, and throwing the extra money freed from a car payment, towards our last remaining debt(s).  The main one is a credit card (0% APR until Jan. 2020), and the mortgage on the rental house.  Ideally we’d sell the old house, but another deadline has come and gone, and renter is still there.   There’s actually more to that story, but I’m too tired to get into it right now.  Let’s just say it is what it is and we’ll deal with it later.

But overall, life is good right now, and I’m content with that.   🙂

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