Demo Day

Remember how I almost hired the first contractor on the spot?  He was the one who actually showed up on time, and gave an estimate we found reasonable on the spot.  Just under $3,000 – I believe it was $2,850.  We had two more guys come to do an estimate and tell us they’d get back to us in 1-2 days.  It’s been 2 weeks, no estimates.  I’m not chasing them around.  Either they want the job or they don’t.  I’m tired of wasting our time.  We had three no shows.  And then the last guy that came out, he rescheduled on us once, but did show up.  We liked him.  He said he’d get back to us the next day with a quote, and honestly, we weren’t holding our breath.

5:15pm the next day he called DH apologizing for it being so late in the day, he had been held up at a job.  And his quote came in at $1,600!  For the exact same job as the first guy. What a crazy difference in pricing!!  Actually, his quote even included redoing the kitchen backsplash, the other guys didn’t.  He also sent over an email with the invoice and copies of his business license and insurance policy.  Very professional.  We hired him and he starts Wednesday.  I know my MIL will be happy to get her place back together again.

This guy will do demo, saving the granite counter tops.  Then the flooring company needs to come do the floors.  Contractor will return to reinstall entire kitchen and repair ceiling.  Now the fun is getting the flooring company to schedule the install in a timely manner.  Apparently they only do business via text.  I also need to call and have a roll off dumpster delivered.  I know our HOA guy will love that!  Last time we had a dumpster for 3 days, the old man was at our door to let us know that neighbors were complaining about the eyesore.  (Our HOA is a joke.  No fee’s, no covenants, nothing that we can find.  Just some old guy claiming to be president of the HOA!)

I’ll be happy to have all of this behind us.  And under budget would be ideal.  Our adjustor is still MIA since I requested reimbursement for our electric bill.  This was in the fine print of the paperwork he provided us when the water mitigation company set up fans/equipment for two weeks.  I guess that ticked him off.  Just wait until I send over receipts for food while we were hotel living, he’ll really be mad then!

7 thoughts on “Demo Day

  1. Terry Parker Polston

    You have the patience of a saint! I would definitely let the insurance company know about your MIA adjuster. Then again, they may live him because so many people would give up or compromise just because of frustration. I hope you will post pics when all is done!!


  2. OneFamily

    Hopefully you hired a good guy and he’ll follow through timely. A lot of our subs seemed great at first, then would tie up the job and start not showing up. That’s really weird about the HOA, haha. If there was one it would have to be in your property title, I would think. I would just ask him to show you in writing the covenants, LOL.


    1. intrepiddebtblog Post author

      I think he’s a good guy, he came back today, because he finished another job early, and decided to repair the ceiling in MIL’s kitchen. We’ve had a hell of a time finding anyone to do this job! About the HOA, when we first moved in the HOA guy gave us a directory for the neighborhood and his email address. Told us to email him our info. I did so, and requested a copy of covenants – three times! I never received a response, nor any new directories since 2015! lol



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