Late Post, Demo Done, Sick

What a crazy week.  DH took the week off from work, which is always great.  Except we haven’t tackled anything on our to do list, because our youngest and myself are sick!  It took a few weeks, but the school year germs finally made their way into our house.  Ick!  I’ve been miserable.  Sore throat, cough, congestion, heavy chest, on/off fever with chills.

Every time we plan a yard sale, someone gets sick, or injured, or whatever.  I hope I feel better soon, because we have a ton to do!

Dumpster was delivered this morning.  $344.86 for a 14 yard.  Prices sure have gone up on those things.  I pulled up my receipts from the last two times we had to rent a roll off, and they were $175 in 2011, and $225 in 2016.

The contractor showed up a couple hours later and began the demo.  He came to the door to get paid for 50%.  50% is not demo, the demo was $450.  We should have only had to pay for what was actually done today, right?  DH doesn’t think things through, especially when he’s tired, so he wrote out $800 without batting an eye.  I was in bed at the time, or I would have said something.  Hopefully these guys show back up to reinstall after flooring is completed!!  Flooring is scheduled for Friday.

I got up not long ago and took a peak at the dumpster.  It’s not nearly as full as I expected.  I went downstairs to check out MIL’s area, since she’s out for the day.  The kitchen is gone, but the two large pantry cabinets are sitting in her living room.  She told the guys to keep them.  Ugh!  That woman.  DH already told her NO.  She’s a hoarder.  She’ll just fill these water damaged cabinets up with junk.  The woman has more crap downstairs, than the four of us have upstairs.

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