Store Displays = BIG Savings!

We’ve been trying to find a cabinet company that can fix or replace our kitchen cabinets that were damaged by the moving company.  Just like every job we try to hire out, it’s been difficult.  No call backs, the person isn’t in, we’ll get back to you with a quote (but don’t), etc.  I jokingly said to DH “forget it!  Let’s just get a double oven!” – half jokingly.  I’ve always wanted a double oven, as I cook and bake a lot, but I’m also aware of how outrageously expensive they are!  A quick trip to Lowes and Home Depot put us in the $1800-$4000 range.  No. Thank. You.

Imagine my surprise when a delivery truck showed up last week and delivered a double oven!  I was about to lose it on DH, until he showed me the receipt.  $100!!  It was a store display, brand spanking new, zero flaws, retail $1899!  $100!  Of course we’d still have to pay for install, I expected thousands for that, and was prepared to return the oven.

$397.  This was to cut our cabinets and install the double oven.  So for $497 I have a brand new double oven!  But it gets better!  Sitting in my garage is a brand new stainless steel wall oven that DH bought me about eight months ago.  It was a liquidation deal for $100, but we didn’t install it, because I’ll be honest, I did not like the handle on it.  The way our kitchen is set up, the handle protruded too far for the tight space.   (There’s another counter right in front of the oven, which isn’t pictured.  Weird set up.)

Well we listed that oven for $750.  We sold it for $700 this morning.  We made a profit!!  It’s funny how little things work out from time to time.  My new ovens work great.  I made dinner in the top and dessert in the bottom to test it all out this weekend.

I still have our black wall oven that works fine to list for sale, $150-$200 should do it, so even more of a profit.  We need to get a dummy cabinet panel for the bottom space, but I think the two drawer fronts (that were under the original oven) will work and we can DIY that.  This was an unexpected kitchen upgrade, but in the end it was a money maker!

In my dreams I’d replace that awful granite countertop (it’s broken and chipped all over the place), and backsplash (just dislike it), but honestly?  I love my kitchen.  I know most people prefer white cabinet and that oak is “dated”, but I don’t mind the wood at all.  And with our goal to relocate in 2 years, there’s no point in a kitchen remodel anyway.  🙂

This certainly falls under the WANT category and not a NEED, but we made a few extra bucks, all my appliances now match, and hosting holidays will be a lot easier with two ovens lol.

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