Help – I Need Good Blogs

I feel like all of my favorite blogs – lifestyle and personal finance – have disappeared or just turned into crap.  I miss reading good blogs.  I still have a few I enjoy, which I’ll link at the end, but overall, my bookmarks have dwindled significantly.

Leighpf deleted after she reached her success, loved her writing.  Misty (Missy?) disappeared after moving, enjoyed following her stressful and relatable journey.  BloggingAwayDebt (BAD) is just a mess of SEO garbage with a hopeless Hope.  Although I would return as a reader if Ashley reappears.  MakingSenseofCents is just beyond not relatable (nor believable lol) these days.

I’ve found Rhitter’s blog through BAD comments, but can’t seem to comment on her blog at all.  Even when logged into my google account and trying from different browsers.

Any other blogs you’d recommend?  Blue collar families, debt journeys, things like that.  Relatable to the normal person.  Not a 20-something making six figures, who’s parents paid for Harvard, and are living it up in the city lol.  I just can’t.  (No jealousy, that’s awesome for them, it’s just not interesting for me personally.)

I also had a lot saved on Delicious bookmarks before that site went kaput and I lost them all.  😦  For now my daily reads are:

One Family One Income

Struggling to be Debt Free

Budget Bytes (recipes)

A Dime at a Time

Sad my link list has gone from 20+ to 3 blogs and a frugal recipe site.  Help me find some new ones! 🙂  Thanks!

11 thoughts on “Help – I Need Good Blogs

  1. Lucy

    Thanks for keeping me on your list! I follow the same ones you do plus have a few others. I’m behind on updating my blog list but now will make a point of doing so. Hopefully, it will give you a few more to read. I’m with you on BAD. Between the ads, Hopeless Hope, and all the SEO, it has become less than enjoyable to read.


    1. intrepiddebtblog Post author

      I’ve been following you for a few years now, and loved your journey of leaving a drug infested town, to building your home. We have similar dreams! For some reason I can’t get blogrolls to load all the time, but I always try to check them out.



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