Food Co-op Friday – WOW!

A friend of mine called me earlier this week and asked if I wanted to participate in the food co-op she picks up each week.  Apparently someone dropped out for the month of September, and her and the other lady need a third to split the cost.  It’s $150 for the month and you pick up every Thursday, not sure once a month.  I figured why not?  I have no idea what you get, she’s never really discussed it with me before.  But for $50, I decided to try it out.

And WOW!!!  She came by yesterday to drop everything off, and when she opened her van I assumed that was everyones order.  It took up a good third of her mini van.  To my surprise it was just my part, she had already divided every thing up.

I had so much stuff, that I called my mom over to grab some things I knew we wouldn’t use.  I wish I would have taken a picture of my dining room table with the entire delivery, but I was in such shock I didn’t even think about it.  Above are the items I kept.

  • Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix – 5 Boxes (kept 3)
  • Chewy Dips Peanut Butter Granola Bars – 5 Boxes (kept 3)
  • HUGE Containers of Quaker Oats – 5 (kept 3)
  • Deli Sliced Hot Jalapeno Peppers – 3 Jars (giving away)
  • Pepsi with Lime – 2 Boxes of 8 Cans Each (kept)
  • Butter Lettuce – 3 Bags (kept 2)
  • Huge head of Cabbage – 2 (kept 1)
  • Wild Cherry Fanta 2 Liters – 2 (giving away)
  • Lemon Lime Gatorade – 30 Bottles (kept)
  • Huge 6lb Frozen Apple Cobbler – 1 (kept)
  • Toasted Coconut Chips – 6 Bags (kept 5)
  • Quaker Caramel Rice Crisps – 6 Bags (kept 5)
  • Frozen Hot Fresh Ground Pork Sausage 1lb – 4 (kept 3)
  • Large Bottles of Black Brew Coffee Stuff – 2 (gave away)
  • Nut Milk Yogurt Drinks, Large Bottles – 6 (gave away)

I have to say, I could have easily spent $50+ on all of that at the store!!  And my $50 gets me this plus another three weeks!!  The kids love the gatorade, coconut chips, and rice crisps – perfect for school.  The Quaker Oats are great for baking.  The apple cobbler will be used for Thanksgiving.  Even though there are some items we don’t like and gave away, and items we’re not sure what to do with (HOT sausage), I am so happy with what I received.

I was really bummed that the yogurt drink bottles were made with almond milk.  My youngest LOVES yogurt, smoothies, etc.  Unfortunately he has a severe nut allergy, so we had no use for them.  The rest of us wouldn’t drink them either.  If it had been regular dairy, it would have been the best deal of the batch for us.

My friend says it varies every week.  I was expecting maybe 1/3 or 1/2 the amount of stuff, or perhaps expired, or nearing expiry dates.  But that isn’t that case.  Almost every thing has an expired/best by date of 2020 or 2021 except the Fanta (Oct 2019).

I’ll be sure to take pictures of the entire load next week to share in full.  Maybe it’ll be a continued theme here: Food Co-Op Friday posts. 😉 Three more Thursdays for the month of September, so my $50 breaks down to $12.50 per load.  This was definitely worth $12.50 to us!  I’m hoping for more produce next time, but we’ll see!


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