Collections Update

A good/bad update to the collections notifications we received.  DH’s lawyer received the needed lien paperwork from the hospital that we’ve all been requesting for many, many months.  However, the lien paperwork they sent over, doesn’t even match up to the bill or collections amounts.  So now the lawyer is requesting additional information/confirmation on amounts due.  Hopefully that gets settled soon.

Monday we received another collections notice for $1,022 from Angelfish.  We’ve never heard of Angelfish.  There’s no mention of a doctor or hospital.  We have no clue what this is for, but the dates correspond with DH’s accident and subsequent surgeries.  The lawyer said he didn’t receive any information from that company either.  So…?!!??!  No clue what to do about that.  DH will have to call today and figure it out.

Received another bill in the mail for $31.92 for a drug test DH took back in 2018.  Not sure why it takes a year to send a bill.  America’s healthcare system is such a mess.  His surgeon requires patients to take drug tests before surgery, so that was that.  Anyway, the invoice says to pay online with credit card, yet offers no web address or contact information, lol.  After googling, I found the website, but when I select “make payment – patient”, I get a run time error, and the page won’t load.  That’s promising…

Not only is healthcare far from affordable, but the entire billing process is a disaster.  From one office to the next, it takes forever to receive a bill, if you get one at all.  And if you don’t, POOF, you get a collections notice for something you were never notified about.  And don’t even get me started on requesting an itemized bill….yikes.

I’m trying very hard to stay on top of every little bill that trickles into our household these days.  But I’m not blindly paying some random collections company without proof of debt and an itemized bill either.  I don’t feel like that’s too much to ask.

Speaking of bills taking forever, I received one for my youngest son, only $68 for lab work, but it was for blood tests that were done in November 2017!!!  The invoice is dated this month!  Ridiculous.


5 thoughts on “Collections Update

  1. apairofbartletts1

    I took my daughter to an instacare in another state and 4 months later still hadn’t received a bill so I called them and they told me that they had sent multiple ones (to the wrong address, front desk typed it in wrong) and it was slated to go to collections. I’m like so you couldn’t have picked up the phone and called me? What’s the point of also leaving my phone number? Didn’t you question it when the bill came back undeliverable. Ugh…


    1. intrepiddebtblog Post author

      They really do dump all the responsibility on you even when they screw up. Drives me nuts. We’re not even sure who to call, because two of the collections bill have zero information. The hospital is useless trying to call and get info. They transferred us around to 4 departments and no one seemed to understand what we needed!


  2. OneFamily

    Ugh. I used to do collections for a small doctors practice. I hated it. But, would at least attempt to make several phone calls to the person, before it went to collections. I don’t understand the long wait to get a bill, either. I worked for 2 different doctor’s offices, years ago, and we billed the insurance within a couple of days and once that was processed the patient got a statement with their balance the next month.


    1. intrepiddebtblog Post author

      No one likes to use the phone anymore it seems. Our phone numbers and emails are listed for all our doctors/hospitals, but we’ve never heard from anyone! We’ve tried to call, but get passed around departments, and no answers. Very frustrating!



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