Yard Sale Prep

It’s been quiet around here, because we’ve been busting our butts to get ready for a yard sale.  Finally!  The stars have aligned: DH is off all week, the weather has cooled off, and there’s no rain or sickness in sight!  Knock on wood!

Our entire garage is stuffed full of things to sell:  baby items, housewares, tools tools tools, furniture, kids clothing, toys, etc.  I’m making the kids run their own little table for toys.  Hoping the cuteness pays off.  😉  I still need to tackle the storage room downstairs.

I managed to clear out my desk and have a lot of office supplies to let go.  Plus I went through my etsy store inventory and figured I’d bag up beads to sell as well.  Just inventory sitting collecting dust.  (People like to give me beads, because I use to make jewelry.  Now I have bins upon bins of beads I haven’t had time to sort!)

If I remember I’ll have to do a before and after picture.  My ultimate goal is to be able to actually park my car in the garage for winter!  And, of course, make a few bucks.  We’ve worked hard all week cleaning out the house, cleaning items, organizing, and pricing.  I’ve got a price on every thing, so I hope that helps move items quicker.  I hate yard sales where nothing is priced, I hate to ask about every little item.

We’re going to the bank to get $200 in change to start with.  $100 in ones, $100 in $5’s and $10’s.  My mother held a yard sale a few weeks ago, and most people paid with $20’s and $50’s, she ran out of small bills by noon.  I have plenty of coin change already.  We’re planning two days from 8am to 2/3pm, whenever it dies down or gets too hot.  We were able to find two tables to borrow from a friend, but we are renting tables for 48 hours from a local events company.  They are $9/ea for 48 hours, and we’ll get 3 or 4 tables.  I’m confident we’ll make back that $36 in no time.

Now if only I could get my mother in law to let some things go!!  But alas, the hoarder is adamant she must keep every thing “just in case”, because who doesn’t need 24 baskets stacked ceiling high?!  Lordy….

Wish us luck!

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