Successful Yard Sale & Crazy People

We did it!  We hosted our two day yard sale.  The days were long, hot, and I’m terribly sunburnt and sore, but it’s done! Total: $1,504.00!  Friday was insanely busy.  Our sale began at 8am, but as DH was putting out signs, people were asking him when and where.  We had people stopping at 7:15am as I was trying to set up.

We haven’t had or shopped yard sales in years, but Saturday mornings were always the get up and go days.  So we were all shocked at how slow it was!  Next time we’ll do it Thursday and Friday, and sleep in on Saturday!  It’ll be a long time before we have another though.  After it ended on Saturday, we loaded up the car, and dropped the leftovers at Goodwill.  I have another load to drop off, but I was too tired to fill up the car again.

(On Friday we made $1,230.  On Saturday we made $193.)

My goal was $1,000 and we surpassed that.  But I was hoping for similar results on Saturday, feeling slightly disappointed even though it’s unwarranted lol.  I was surprised at all the little stuff that sold.  The larger items tend to attract peoples attention from the road, but it was all the randomness they picked through and bought.  While we sold a few larger items (tool box, bed frame, headboards, etc.), I still have a stroller travel system, high chair, and table that didn’t move.  A lot of interest, and they were priced LOW, but no movement.  I’ll probably stick those on Craigslist tonight.

The fun part of the sale is dealing with the people.  Most were very friendly, but the few that weren’t, sheesh!  Our first customer on Friday morning showed up at 7:15am (signs all said open at 8am.)  She spent $0.50.  She told me to open my hands, and she dumped a pile of pennies in my palms, and bolted for her car.  She gave me $0.40.  LOL.

Another lady said “I hope you take change” and I said of course.  She had $7 worth of items.  She opened a bag and took out two handfuls of coins and threw them on my table and said “You can count it”….!!!  Not quarters, all dimes, nickels, and pennies – with some hair, lint, screws, and randomness thrown in.  She was so rude to me, I counted out an extra $1 in dimes and she went on her way, lol.  (She watched me the entire time!)

One guy showed up and gave me bad vibes.  He seemed to be scoping out our property more than looking at the tables we had set up.  He was a bit rude to DH too.  He came back again several hours later and again, seemed to keep checking out our backyard.  Made us both uneasy and DH was prepared to tell him to get off our property.  He bought a $5 dog pen and left.  Thankfully he didn’t return.

I had a lady start screaming at me that I overcharged her.  She bought $5 worth of items: 8 books (50c/ea) and a brand new and sealed box of baking tips ($1).  She paid, I bagged the items, and she turned to leave.  Then started yelling “WAIT A MINUTE!  I PAID YOU FIVE DOLLARS!  IT IS FOUR DOLLARS!  I WANT MY DOLLAR BACK!”  I kindly went over what she bought:  “OH” – she forgot about the baking tips.  She huffed and puffed and left.  No apology for her outburst.  Even other shoppers were looking at her, yikes.

I had a guy get made at me because I wouldn’t accept Cash App.  Sorry, no.  I don’t use it and don’t care to download an app for a $2 sale.  Then another lady lectured me for not accepting credit cards, and how cash is just “so outdated”.  Goodness.

Oh and I had the kids run their own toy table!  It was items they both picked out to sell.  They made $81.  I say ‘they’, but it was really our 9 year old doing all the work.  I was proud.  He’ll put it towards a computer he’s saving for.  🙂

This is too long now, but I have some yard sale tips to share that I feel helped us tremendously!  I’ll post that later.  Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “Successful Yard Sale & Crazy People

  1. Linda Practical Parsimony

    Great sale! We people who have had these crazies at our yard sale should write a book or a chapter in a book.


  2. OneFamily

    Great job on the money! I think the most I’ve ever made from a yard sale was like $100. People are jut outright strange, aren’t they?! Who goes to a yard sale without cash? that’s a given.



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