We NEED to Downsize

Oh hello world, I’ve been MIA.  Sickness kept me down for nearly 2 weeks, plus caring for 2 sick kids while being sick is double the exhaustion.  DH’s new schedule started and it’s been hell to adjust to.  (Honestly I’m just not adjusting.  I hate it.)

Remember that workout class I signed up for?  I completed 1 week out of 6 weeks.  I missed the 2nd due to illness, and the rest due to DH’s new work schedule.  Class times are in the early evenings, now he has to go in earlier, I can’t make it.  $100 down the drain.  (I did try to find a sitter to no avail.)

Last night I finally sat down to pay November bills.  Usually I pay them on the 1st of the month, but I’m running on empty these days.  All was going well until I opened my electric bill.  $645!!!  What on earth?!  Maybe in July/August we can hit $600 due to AC, but $645 for October?  I haven’t had to use the AC or heat much at all.  About put me in tears.  Then the water bill, which is normally $22, was $88.  This is from the pool cleaners, they left our hose running twice and never told us.  Flooded our yard too!

I told DH it’s time to go.  This house is too much upkeep, too expensive (property taxes, utilities, etc).  Our old home is the same square footage and cost 1/3 this place in utilities and 1/4 in taxes.  I miss it.  I seriously thought about moving back to the old house.  That would require relative renter to get out and MIL to find a new place to reside.   It’s an older home (70s), this is newer (2005).  Plus 8 foot ceilings vs 12-20ft ceilings make a huge difference in heating and cooling.

No matter how we look at it, there are significant hurdles.  Other people affecting our ability to move and be smart with our money.  Very frustrating.  Relative renter actually wants to buy our property, which would be great, but their credit sucks.  I’m ready to go.  Sell it all, downsize, it’ll make life much, much easier.

I’m a planner, DH is not.  He’d just go and see what happens lol.  I can’t do that!  But I don’t want to wait 2 years anymore.  I am miserable.


  • Relative renter in old house
  • MIL in our basement apartment
  • DH’s job (can relocate, on his own dime, but has to “reapply” for whatever positions are available)

How do you even begin the process of moving out of state?  Overwhelming.

2 thoughts on “We NEED to Downsize

  1. Linda Practical Parsimony

    Give your relative notice. You will probably hear whining. Find mil someplace to live. You cannot spend so much money to make renter/relative happy.


  2. PattiCinCO

    So sorry you have been sick and with the kiddos sick also. You must be exhausted! We have moved so many times and always started with house/apt rental shopping and job hunt. Luckily we are in construction and retail and can get a job anywhere. Then we start selling it all to save on moving costs. I also research COL, grocery ads, gas prices, crime, etc.



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