Thanksgiving & Black Friday

Thanksgiving was exhausting.  I hosted it, two days in a row.  We keep my family and my in laws separate, it just makes life easier!  No one offered to pitch in on food, that rubbed a nerve or two, and $300 later the days are over, and I was left with a kitchen full of dirty dishes.  I need to be better at setting boundaries, sigh.  Next year maybe we can go on a vacation and avoid family altogether lol.

I will say though, both my turkeys turned out moist and delicious!

I had a short shopping list for Black Friday – which seems to be more of a week-long sale now.  My best deal was purchased on Monday, a gaming laptop, for $449 at Best Buy + 15% cash back.  That same laptop was $599 elsewhere on sale the rest of the week.  My kid will be thrilled and I won’t have to share the computer for all his schoolwork!  Win/win.  The rest of my list were small items, mostly needs.  New pajamas for the boys, some t-shirts, a winter jacket for the littlest, and socks for all.  Oh and bikes for both kids as well, also on sale for $44/ea. at Wal-Mart.

I didn’t see any major deals I needed to jump on.  Honestly, I felt I could get better deals with coupon codes during non Black Friday sales.

Thursday evening after my in laws left, my mil took the kids for a bit so we could clean up and relax.  I was restless, having been cooped up in the house for a week, so we opted to drive around town.  To our surprise, a lot of stores were open on Thanksgiving!  Poor retail workers.  We stopped into Target, not very crowded at 8pm.  I bought the kids pajamas there and we had the worst experience with a cashier!

The pajamas were 4pc sets for $10.  I bought two.  The sets includes 2 pairs of pajamas on hangers, with a plastic thing connecting the hangers, with the cardboard product tag from the manufacturer.  The cashier ripped the cardboard tag, and broke the connector.  Kept looking for a tag on the 2nd pair, and proceeded to scan the tag FOUR times.  I said excuse me, that was a set for $10.  “There were two hangers.”  Right, but they were connected and being sold as a 4pc set.  “But there were two hangers.”  I said then go look at the shelf, it’s a doorbuster deal.  She rolled her eyes and deleted two scans, while huffing and puffing and throwing our stuff around.  It was amazing.

I was so shocked by her behavior and stupidity, I didn’t even pay attention to the other items I bought.  My $4 doorbuster t-shirts rang up for $7, ugh.  There’s $12 in savings down the drain, I’ll probably just return it all this coming week.  Target has the worst customer service around here.

DH’s and his friends business is about to go live.  The samples came in, were approved, and the large order is now paid for and processing.  I can’t wait to get this off the ground.  My etsy shop is doing pretty good compared to previous years, six sales in one day is a record for me.  Hard work pays off.  Little by little.

Oh and let me share the best news:  My credit score!  I’ve been trying hard to increase it.  Now I’m working on DH’s as well.  I know this may vary from the actual FICO, but when we’ve had to get credit pulled, it’s always been within a few points of Credit Karma.

Screen Shot 2019-11-26 at 11.23.49 PM

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving & Black Friday

  1. SMS

    The cashier was probably resentful that she had to work on Thanksgiving. Of course, she shouldn’t have taken it out on you. But I think it’s awful that there isn’t a single day where everything is closed.


  2. Linda Practical Parsimony

    Wm employees get a 25% discount on one shopping trip if they work on Thanksgiving. One family I know buys all socks, underwear, and toiletries for a year, plus clothing, and Christmas gifts. This one friend bought all jeans and things WM had in the store that she would need for a year, filled freezer. Of course–no shorts or swimsuits. Maybe Target is not generous. Oh, my friend has grown kids and were going to a daughter’ s house the next day. Husband was there with the other three carts she had filled besides the one she was pushing.



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