I Hate a Thief

DH’s company seems to be a roll of hiring pure scum to work there.  It’s getting ridiculous.  People showing up obviously high or drunk, belligerent to management, threatening others.  And the company makes it near impossible to fire these people.  You have to give a warning, some write ups, a conference, jump through hoops.  It’s nonsense!  The last few months have been rough with new hires.  It makes me worry.

We got new Iphones recently, the 11’s.  The base model, but still pricey.  I used Etsy profits to purchase these, because I needed a good camera, and DH just needed a phone that worked.  It was a splurge paid for in cash, and we’re happy with them.  For once I didn’t have buyers remorse!  And the camera is amazing, I’ve redone my entire Etsy shop with Iphone images and you’d have no idea.

Anyway.  DH had his phone at work, sitting on the equipment he was using.  He has it out often, because there’s an app for managers chat.  His co-worker (long time one, not a new hire, good guy) came up to ask a question, DH turned his back for a few minutes, turned back and his phone was gone.  Mind you he works night shifts, the store was closed, there were very few people in the store.  It could have only been an employee.

He immediately called me.  I logged into icloud to track the phone, we could see it moving around the store, and parking lot, back into the store.  Then we got locked out of icloud.  When I reset the password and got back in, icloud showed no devices or phones for that account.  We were sure it had been wiped.  Sigh.  I was so angry I was shaking.

Since I couldn’t text DH, updates were delayed.  We called AT&T, Apple, etc.  Told to file a police report, etc.  Well as DH was doing a lap of the store, he heard a dinging in the back.  He found his phone, on the ground, near the rear of the store where he hadn’t been.  HMM!  Apparently when he marked his phone stolen, it locked it, and set off an alarm on the phone.  Whomever had it, must have tossed it once the alarm started going off.

DH emailed HR and LP to pull cameras.  Days later LP says there are no cameras back there, too bad.  This is bullshit.  There are cameras right where the phone was stolen from.  There are cameras where you walk to the back, just not in the back.  How about the parking lot where GPS tracked the phone?  Why didn’t they pull this footage?  It would be easy to narrow it down!  HR and LP are a joke now.

Just makes me so mad.  I’m glad he got his phone back, and it’s in tact.  But now there’s a thief on his crew, and he has to worse with this piece of garbage.  One guy threatened another managers life.  But he turned around and filed an ethics complaint, and therefore cannot be fired until it’s resolved.  Unbelievable!  In the meantime, DH has to work with these sleazy, scary new hires.

We are ready to MOVE and get him transferred to a better location.  I know where we live has a lot to do with the scummy new hires.  😦   I dream of a better town to live in!

1 thought on “I Hate a Thief

  1. Linda Practical Parsimony

    How scary! I, too, hate a thief! Hopefully, you can move soon. Is there no recourse beyond what you have done. I wonder if anyone thought of fingerprints on the phone?



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