Homeowners Again!

Back in March, we got a build quote of $300,000 excluding land ($100k+) and utility hook ups ($30-$50k) – it seemed completely impossible. Fast forward to the beginning of May, and I received an email from the builder stating that the quote was invalid now (was good for 90 days on paperwork), and that it had increased by $120,000. So $420,000 excluding land and utilities for a 1900 sqft house. Absolutely INSANE for where we live!!

I am so thankful we found this random house as a for sale by owner listing before it ever hit MLS. The seller really liked us too. He went through and installed all new electrical, HVAC, furnaces, water heater, and pool equipment. We move in two weeks! We kept the entire process hush-hush from family until closing day. Everyone was shocked lol. Not sure we’ll share the address with them! Ha.

DH is currently commuting an hour and a half to his new job. That sucks, but it’s temporary. He’s fitting in well and likes the upper management. Morale seems good there, unlike his last location. I’m hopeful he can grow there!

I still do not have my car back from Toyota from the accident that happened in early April. Well, I did pick it up last week, only to find NEW damage and they never checked my pre collision system. The sensor was damaged! Ridiculous. I am so angry at how this has been handled. There’s fresh chips in the paint on my hood, that happened AFTER I dropped my vehicle off. The girl claimed that was rock chips, not their responsibility. Until I whipped out my phone with all my pictures!! At the accident AND drop off for repairs, those chips (HUGE chips!) are no where to be found!! So I had to drop my car back off and I’m still waiting to hear something. They damaged the paint while installing a headlight, the headlight is crooked, the fender isn’t aligned properly, the hood isn’t even latching tightly, and my rim is still damaged. Things that should have been handled.

You really can’t rely on anyone to do their jobs anymore. It’s frustrating. Now I’m stressed about having to hire movers. Is anyone worth a damn anymore?!

3 thoughts on “Homeowners Again!

  1. Cindi

    I’m finding out that I prefer dealing with computers and robots now vs human beings. I thought it was just me but people seem to be getting stupider and stupider. I’m sorry about your car repair. You may need to get it checked out by another repair shop (hopefully, a trusted one) just to see if the work was finally done right. I would hate for you to be on the road and something pops. Ugh.
    Congrats on your new home. We gave up on movers years ago. Now when we move, we sell most everything and buy new when we get to the new location. Only keepsakes and personal stuff comes with us and a little uHaul mover. We found that buying furniture is cheaper than paying the mover. And then finding out the old stuff doesn’t look good in the new place. You’ll find that sometimes your original furniture just doesn’t look right in the new place. Again, best of luck. It’ll all work out in the end and peace and harmony will resume. 🙂

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    1. intrepiddebtblog Post author

      Thanks so much Cindi! Yes, people do seem to be a lot more stupid these days! I also prefer computers and robots over humans most days. Very frustrating!

      When we sold our home, we sold off 80% of our belongings. We just have a small POD and our beds where we’re staying. Due to the accident, we are unable to move items ourselves, and have to get movers. Not ideal at all, but unavoidable. I thought replacing our furniture would be cheaper, but I was wrong. Even facebook marketplace everything is expensive! Items I sold for $100 go for $800+, it’s mind blowing! Like you said, it will all work out in the end. Thanks for commenting!



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