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Beyond Frustrated with Insurance

Besides drowning in medical bills, I’ve been battling the state over DS2’s secondary insurance coverage.  No one seems to be able to assist, and in the meantime, it’s costing us a fortune at doctors offices.  We are so close to … Continue reading

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The Costs of Attending

Update:  Thanks for all the comments!  I’m glad I’m not alone in feeling annoyed with these unexpected expenses.   The last two weeks has been a flurry of activity.  DS1 began his performing arts summer day camp.  DS2’s summer camp was … Continue reading

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Hello Again

Happy Friday & Happy June!  Summer is finally here.  I didn’t mean to take a month long hiatus.  Life has just been overwhelmingly busy.  I’m popping in to say I have not abandoned this debt journey blog.  A few bullet … Continue reading

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Rental Update

Mini-landscaper update:  Fred texted DH that he would be out at 3:15pm Monday.  He showed up at 4:30pm.  We had to leave at 5pm.  On our way out, Fred stopped to tell us that he’ll need to come back with … Continue reading

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Good Help is HARD to Find!!

I’m not sure if it’s the area we live in, or a problem everywhere, but finding people who do their jobs (and do it well) is nearly impossible.  When you actually find good help, it’s like striking gold.  We’ve been … Continue reading

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I made $1,000 in one week selling random junk from around our house!  I don’t know if it was stress or the extra B12, but I was hit hard with the spring cleaning bug.  We still have plans to do … Continue reading

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Ups & Downs

A lot of stuff going on, haven’t had time to sit down, and write out a decent post. We’ve had a few financial ups and downs recently.  Mostly downs.  The good news is we finally sold the third car!  We … Continue reading

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