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Ebay, Mercari, and Etsy

I kept myself busy this month listing items online for sale.  As of the 21st I’ve sold every item I listed on Ebay and Mercari, plus several Etsy orders.  This is just a numbers post for me to keep track … Continue reading

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Water Heater Flood Update

Two months after the water heater flood at our old home (current “rental” property), I finally have an invoice from the water mitigation company.  What a joke!  That company is one gigantic scam and I regret feeling pressured to call … Continue reading

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Amazon Work At Home – What To Do?

I completed the training seminar for the Amazon seasonal work at home position.  It was easy to follow and informative.  I am expecting my contingent offer email at any moment.  From that point I have 48 hours to authorize a … Continue reading

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Amazon Job Update

I received an email Friday night that training sessions had reopened.  I was able to snag an appointment for Monday afternoon!  Wish me luck! It’s not the original position I applied for – Part Time Flex at $10/hr training and … Continue reading

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July Debt Update

Summer flew by and school starting in July threw me off track.  I just realized we’re over a week into August and I haven’t updated the numbers.   Quick rundown: Our combined May/June updated debt and savings amounts: Starting Debt: … Continue reading

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Monday Meal Plan

I haven’t done a meal planning post since February.  I started this blog with motivation and life got in the way.  Hopefully as the cooler months approach, I’ll be back to posting more consistently. Anyway, I did my weekly Wal-Mart … Continue reading

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Frustration Free Friday

After weeks (months!) of Murphy’s Law kicking our behinds over here, I’ve decided to take a step back, and breathe.  Bad stuff happens, albeit more frequently to us it seems!  But we’ll survive!  So today I’ll focus on 10 positive … Continue reading

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