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Insurance Switch!

Friday was a busy day.  We’ve been cooped up for weeks due to illness, and it was the last day of school break.  We took the kids to the zoo and a few other activities after DS2’s check up appointment.  … Continue reading

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“Convenience” Fee

Our property tax bill is split up into two payments.  The first half is due by October 25th and the second half is due December 25th – Merry Christmas!  I previously mentioned that our tax bill nearly doubled this year.  … Continue reading

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Feeling Defeated Pt. 2

Didn’t mean to leave a “cliff hanger” post for so long! Sorry, details at the end about that!*** Part 1 here.  At this point we have paid out $1500 in co-pays.  Now we’re in an isolated room at the children’s … Continue reading

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Feeling Defeated Pt. 1

What a week.  I’m over it.  I’m over the sickness, the home problems, the insurance woes, and the damn debt.  I started 2017 with excitement and motivation to get this debt paid off once and for all!  And instead, we’ll … Continue reading

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No Spend Week

Thanks for all the input on my previous post.  After reading more about it, DH and I are definitely going to try out SimpliSafe!  Once we get our property taxes and new insurances taken care of, we’ll move forward with … Continue reading

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The Surprising Costs of Safety

Update:  Thanks to OneFamily and APairofBartletts we’re looking into SimpliSafe – what a much, much better deal!!! We had an incident occur a few nights ago around 4am.  DH was at work, the kids and I were sleeping.  First I … Continue reading

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August Debt Update

I spoke too soon.  Nearly as quick as I hit ‘publish’ on my previous post, our internet went down again.  Fingers crossed it’s up for good now.  You never realize how reliant you are on the internet until you can’t … Continue reading

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