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A Quiet House

School has been in session about two weeks now.  Both boys attend full time this year.  It’s been a bit of an adjustment not having my little hell raiser here during the day.  I can’t say I mind the break, but I do find myself getting bored.  There’s only so much house work I can force myself to do in a day.

I dedicate about 45 minutes per day to job searching.  I found an admin position with the county that seems promising.  I submitted an application, hope I hear back.  County benefits would be a huge budget win for us, since DH’s are crap.

I’m still unpacking the house, box by box, but I am growing frustrated with the amount of junk we’ve accumulated.  You don’t realize how much stuff you have until you have to pack and unpack it all!!  DH put in for a week off later this month.  If it’s approved, we’re planning a 2 day yard sale.  I bet we have at least $1,000 worth of stuff to sell.

I decided to get out of my comfort zone and sign up for a 6 week personal fitness class.  It offers 3 classes per week for 6 weeks, with a nutritionist provided meal plan.  It’s $100 for the 6 weeks, which I found reasonable.  I start this weekend.  I am nervous.  But I’m pushing myself to get healthier and this is step 1.  I nearly had a panic attack walking in to the place to register.  I spoke with the two women in charge, they were lovely, and paid.  There’s no turning back now!

Accident update:  DH received the POA to complete for the at-fault drivers insurance company.  They’re now in control of our Capital One auto loan and will pay it in full and mail us the difference.  That’s just for the value of the truck, they still owe us for the car seats, and the lawyer is still withholding a chunk for medical he is negotiating.

House update:  Finally had two contractors call us back to set up estimates.  I hope they are reasonable, because our adjustor (still MIA), sure didn’t give us much to work with.  We did buy the kitchen cabinets at Lowe’s, since it was over $600 we received a 20% discount.  That leaves us with about $2,200 to hire someone to demo, reinstall, and patch the ceiling.


$445 Cellphone Bill!!!

AHHHH.  Imagine my reaction upon receiving my email bill.  I was not happy!  I immediately logged in to view our bill and noticed DH’s phone was eating data.  Going through up to 5gb a DAY!  His phone is on WiFi 90% of the time, there’s no way he’s using that kind of data!  We thoroughly checked all his settings, and made sure he was connected to WiFi.

First stop was the AT&T store.  I hate this store, but it’s the only corporate owned location near us.  The workers act like it’s a burden to help customers, and the guy we were stuck with couldn’t seem to open his mouth to talk.  Mumble mumble.  After 25 minutes of him mumbling and browsing on his tablet he was like “the unlimited plan is more” and “I dunno man”.  Super helpful.  When I asked him to check settings he was like “nah, you gotta ask Apple”….   The nearest Apple store is 2 hours away.

Second stop was home.  Hoping onto AT&T Live Chat.  Where they told us we can get the unlimited plan for $240/mo, but we’re qualified for several discounts like multi-line and paperless, bringing our cellphone plan down to $199/mo.  Yes please!!

(Our cellphone plan has 4 lines at the moment:  DH, myself, MIL, and Aunt-in-law.  MIL pays 50% for their two lines.)

Our normal cellphone is $245/mo, but after discounts we only pay $219/mo.  It’s not unlimited data though.  Which has never been an issue before.  It’s 15gb I believe.  And we had a ton of rollover data.  We never felt the need to upgrade to unlimited, but with this data eating issue, it’s safest.  They were able to back date the bill to July 2nd, and removed all the overages for extra data.  1gb = $15.  DH’s phone went through 15gb of extra data in FIVE days.  I mean come on, clearly something is wrong.

While we were able to fix the billing issue, no one can answer why DH’s phone is eating so much data.  Neither of us are in the mood for a 2 hour trek to the Apple store.  That will have to wait until there are other reasons to go out that way!

DH made sure to save the Live Chat text and emails.  I always tell him to get pictures, or every thing in writing.  You can’t trust anyone or anything these days.

I really wish one of those cheaper companies were available near us.  Cricket or Republic, those types.  “Soon” is what we’re always told.

So Tired, So Busy!

The moving company that damaged our new floors and kitchen cabinets requested I texted pictures of the damage last Thursday.  I did so.  They were read.  We haven’t heard anything from them since.

Our insurance adjustor is avoiding all communication.  If this guys thinks I’m going to give up and take a loss, he’s in for a hell of a wake up call.  I read the fine print of my coverage, I know what we’re entitled too!

School has started and it’s chaos.  We’re still not fully moved in.  The kids are sharing a room, since our youngest’s is still full of boxes.  I’ve been steadily unpacking each day, but we’ve had several appointments and open houses that have taken up a lot of time recently.

I have noticed quite a few things are MIA.  My new box of trash bags, a LOT of food items from my pantry and fridge, some office supplies.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed they pop up, but we’re running out of boxes to look through.  Also, the flooring company removed several shelves from my pantry and two linen closets, plus door stoppers throughout the main floor.  I have found the shelves, but the hardware to reinstall and all doorstoppers are MIA!  We’ve left a voicemail and sent texts, but have yet to get a response.

We hosted the kids big birthday party this weekend too.  I rented a water slide and paid extra to keep it until Monday at 5pm.  Since cousins were in town, it was worth it for them to play Sat/Sun/Mon.  Well at 3pm on Sunday, while we’re out running errands, they came and picked up the slide!!  Caught it all on video.  The company better refund my $75+tax for extra time.  The kids were so disappointed.

One thing after another.  Still trying to find contractors for the basement repairs.  No one seems to return phone calls anymore.  Not sure how to proceed, and like I mentioned, our adjustor is MIA.

Refrigerator Drama + Home!

We’re home!  We got to move back in yesterday.  The fumes from the flooring is still a bit heavy, but insurance refused to cover any more hotel time.  So here we are.   I have to tell you the story of the movers delivering our items though!!

Per insurance we were required to use a pack out company.  They send a crew to package and box up all your belongings, load it up, and bring it to their facility to store.  Pack out day was fine, we had a 10 person crew, and it was very methodical.  They took pictures of every thing, tagged big items, labeled boxes, etc.  We also had “stay” boxes – per their discretion, that ended up stacked in our youngest sons bedroom, as well as area rugs.  They also moved our dishwasher and refrigerator, but they stayed in the garage.

Move in day was a bit different.  Only a 3 person crew, non of which were here for the initial pack out day.  They had to reference all the photos to put every thing back where it went.  Almost like staging, it took forever.  Then they were like, okay bye, we’re done!  I had to remind them that our appliances were in the garage.  “Oh do you want us to move them back?”  Uh, yes lol.

This is when things got dicey.  They could not handle our refrigerator!!  It took 45 minutes to get it in the front door.  One step.  ONE STEP!  Then they brought it around to the kitchen and could not figure out how to get it in.

We’ve had this fridge since 2016.  Lowes delivered and installed it easily, no issues.  We’ve had our floors done three times now.  The first two times the fridge was moved in and out with no issues.  That’s five times our fridge has come and gone and it’s never been a problem.

Until yesterday.  They took handles off.  They took our wall oven door off.  Cabinet knobs off.  Eventually all the doors and drawers came off.  TWO HOURS later they got my fridge into the kitchen.  I heard the wood cracking and snapping and they kept pushing instead of lifting.

My new floor is gouged and scratched.  And my kitchen cabinets are broken!!  They damaged two bottom cabinets – broken, not scratches – and scratched three more, deeply.  And my brand new floors, I could have cried.  The guys acknowledged the damage and put us on the spot for a resolution.  Uh, we don’t know.  We’d have to get bids done to have the cabinets redone (cannot be patched or I would.)  And I don’t even know about the floor scratch.  The guy suggested we just paint our cabinets.  Thanks, but no.

Sigh.  I’ve emailed the company to ask how to go about handling damages.  This was my email to them:

Hi there.  This is Blah Blah from Blah Address.  We were wondering who to contact regarding damage to our property during the delivery of our items yesterday, July 24th?  This is regarding claim # 00000.  Our brand new hardwood floor was gouged and scratched, and several bottom kitchen cabinets were broken.  Thanks.  Blah & Blah LastName, Phone Number, Email

Here’s our correspondance thus far:

Company replies:  what’s the name on your job

Us:  Blah & Blah LastName

Company replies:  is there a claim number

Us: Yes, claim # 0000….

Company replies:  what damage is it

Us:  As per our original email, floors and kitchen cabinets, etc – basically repeated ourselves, again.

Company replies:  what happened

Us: Explains fridge difficulty.

Company replies:  was their damage

Us: ………….>!>!>!>!>!  YES

And that’s where we’ve left off.  I can tell this is going to be fun lol.  By the way, those replies are copy/pasted.  No punctuation and bad grammar.

To top it off, the fridge drama was so distracting they left our dishwasher on the back deck and never unpacked the boxes in my sons room.  That’s what today is being spent doing.  I’m also getting our sofa professionally cleaned.  I think I’m more excited about my sofa than the floors!

Zero Communication Frustration

I am ready for life to go back to normal.  The chaos is taking it’s toll on the kids and myself!  Hotel living is fun when you’re on vacation, not when you’re a few exits down the highway from your own home and have a million other things to juggle.

We hadn’t heard a peep from anyone over the last 5 days or so.  By anyone I mean our insurance company, the flooring company, the moving company, etc.  Not a word.  We’ve gone back to the house every day to check on things.  Based on footage from our Ring doorbell, the flooring crew was done on Thursday of last week.  We had been given conflicting information on how long we’d be in a hotel:  one week or two.  I figured Monday we’d get a call to go over every thing.

I woke up to an email from the moving company with an inventory list attached of every thing they packed up and moved.  While reading through I came across this snippet:

How do I get my items returned:

Once you have a completion date, contact us to schedule the return of your contents.  We will investigate the status of your claim, as well as contact your insurance adjustor.  A 10 day window will be sufficient.  This is contingent upon workload, and confirmed appointments.

Up to another ten days before we get our belongings?!  Ugh.  DH woke up this afternoon and I made him make some calls.  The flooring company told us that we were scheduled to move back in today (Tuesday), and movers would be there at 10am.  Would have been nice to get this info sooner?!  So flooring guy confirms this information, via phone call, text, AND email.  The third party company in charge of our hotel reservations texts that our new checkout date has been confirmed for 7/23/19.  Fine.

Then at 7pm the flooring guy texts DH and says “the movers had a misunderstanding, they aren’t delivering until Wednesday, the 24th”.  Now we have to extend our hotel stay by one day.  The moving company piled boxes in all the bedrooms, so we can’t even get to our beds right now.  Anyway, we haven’t been able to get in touch with the third party schedulers nor our adjustor.  I’m extremely annoyed by all of this poor communication.

Our floors look wonderful, I love the new stain.  While going through the house today, I found several areas of trim that were damaged during the process.  We sent pictures to the flooring guy, but he didn’t even acknowledge them (though he did respond to messages after that.)  I’d think they’d repair my trim?  I mean these aren’t little nicks or scratched paint, it’s big gouges and chunks of missing wood, and there are several of them on our moldings and columns.


DH is picked up some trim paint and a brush for me last night.  I’m going to scoot my butt around the entire floor and touch up all the dings and scratched off paint and clean the baseboards.  Most of the paint issues are from the previous time we had the floors done, that crew was careless when removing all the quarter round.  They were suppose to come back and touch up, but never did.

We still need to find a contractor for the basement, sigh.  School starts this week, sigh.  I haven’t even started back to school shopping.  My to-do list is overwhelming!  Off I go to try to check some things off today!

Hotel Life – Take 2!

I stayed up until 1am the other night to deal with the third party company the insurance company has us dealing with to book hotels.  The girl on the phone was trying her best to find us a place with a kitchen or kitchenette, but most seem to the be the local “live in” hotels for the druggies.   After an hour of calling around, we were finally able to secure two king suites at a Holiday Inn Express, but not until Thursday (so 2 nights at the crappy hotel.) .

We got here last night and it’s amazingly nice compared to the other place!  No kitchen, but we do have a mini fridge and microwave.  The lobby has a fully stocked little store, there’s ice machines on every floor, and the breakfast buffet is huge!  And overall, it’s well lit and feels safe.  Also, nice and quiet!  No dogs and no screaming kids.  🙂

Looks like we’ll get to go home sooner than expected!  The 24th is the new checkout goal.  It was originally the week after.  The flooring guys are moving quick.  Hope it turns out good.  Pictures are looking good.   Oh yeah, WiFi here is great, so here’s the stain samples:


I went with Early American (far left.)  Not too dark, not too light.  You can see our original color around the fireplace, more natural/yellow.  I can’t wait to see it in person during daylight.  DH swings by at night to lock up and takes pics for me, but it’s hard to see with the sun down.

We still haven’t received payment for the property claim from DH’s accident.  The at fault driver’s insurance called us today, out of nowhere.  They are making DH sign a power of attorney, allowing them to pay off the lien holder for the truck.  They’ll mail the remainder to us.  When DH asked for the amount, it was only $8100.  They didn’t include the car seats or upgrades the truck had, grrrr.  She said the carseats are “not included in property payout”…?!  DH sent his lawyer the info, so we’ll see what he says. The carseats are $500 (Diono and Chicco.)

I believe I had a commenter advise that I contact the companies to see if they’d replace.  I didn’t reach out to Diono, as there was no visible damage, though I know it must be replaced.  I did reach out to Chicco, because the head rest snapped completely in half in the accident!  Chicco was less than helpful and very difficult to try to work with or get answers.  I won’t be purchasing their items again.

I finally feel comfortable at this hotel, so I’m going to unpack and make it as homey as possible for the next week or so.  I’m saving all of our food receipts as well, because insurance will supposedly reimburse for food expenses less your regular grocery budget.  Thankfully I use Wal-Mart’s grocery pick up, so I can prove our low weekly grocery budget!

Hotel Life

Tuesday was pure chaos.  The movers showed up at 10am and got to work.  I set out a box of snacks/drinks I planned to take to the hotel, and informed the project manager that those were to stay out.  They got packed away lol.  That was really the only moving blip to complain about, not a big deal.

The flooring company (2 guys) showed up an hour after the movers arrived.  They told us they would have to postpone until Wednesday since the movers weren’t done.  I admit, it wasn’t my proudest moment, but I completely lost it.  Why couldn’t they start?  The movers were done in the room that needed the flooring torn out.  The flooring company is the one that set this ridiculous schedule to begin with!  Why am I being delayed for a 5th time?  After walking outside to make a call, he came to inform me they would begin today.  Haha, I guess losing your shit is what it takes to get things done sometimes.

So while all of this is going on, DH isn’t sleeping, he keeps having to assist with things while I wrangled the two kids.  He hit 24 hours of no sleep.  We played phone tag all morning with the adjustor.  Finally got a hold of him and he seemed surprised we needed a hotel right now…really?  We’ve been trying to get this booked for weeks?!  We told him we needed to check in ASAP, he told us 3pm is the earliest.  DH works at 8pm.  So he got 3-4 hours of sleep.  Super annoying when people can’t understand how a nightshift schedule works!

We got our hotel reservations.  Right down the road.  It’s a fully stocked kitchen and living area, with a separate bedroom that was said to have two queen beds.  Well they are definitely not queens.   Full at best.  Fully stocked kitchen seems to me 1 burnt pot, 2 broken glasses, 1 spoon, and 3 knives.  That’s it.  AC in the bedroom doesn’t work.  And the back door to the balcony doesn’t latch shut or lock.  Needless to say, we weren’t happy.  Then as I went out to the parking lot, we were harassed by some guy (drugs? maybe?) telling me he needed to talk to me, needed a favor.  No, go away.  He followed me back into the hotel.  He was there when DH left just hanging out in the lobby.  Why is the staff allowing that?!?!

Then we’re in our room and the people next door have 3 small children and keep their TV on a full volume.  On the other side, the people have two vicious sounding dogs that bark every time you walk by their door.  I’m just not comfortable here!  We put in a request to move hotels, but every thing is sold out.  I hope to hear back today, because no way I’m putting up with this for two weeks.  :/

On the plus side, I was able to pick out a new stain for the floor.  I’ll share that picture later.  I’m very happy with it, and it’s completely different than what we had!  Wifi here is too spotty to upload an image.