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Travel + Toxic Family

We made it safely back from our trip to the midwest for a relatives wedding.  Cash funded the entire trip!  I purchased the airfare back in March when there was an airfare sale, $1200 round trip for four people.  I … Continue reading

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Increasing Expenses + College

Trash pick up increased 30%:  $48/qtrly to $63/qtrly.  No explanation.  I’m paid up through April, so I’ll call other trash companies in the next few weeks to get the service switched. Car insurance increased from $161.80/mo. to $199.80/mo. out of … Continue reading

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Credit Score Improvement

I had a small bill in collections from a dentist appointment in 2014. I’m 99.999% positive this was paid, but since we’ve moved, and switched banks since then, I couldn’t “prove” it. I had to pay this in full before … Continue reading

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Things and Stuff

I’m just not creative or thoughtful enough for titles these days. I’ve been keeping busy with organizing paperwork (taxes) and sorting things for the consignment sale.  My sales for the latter are up to $695 before fees.  I’m happy with … Continue reading

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$27 & Some Good News!

This week was tight.  We had $63 in our account on Sunday, payday wasn’t until today. Thankfully the bills were already paid.  I usually have a buffer in our checking account, but the end of 2017 wasn’t kind to us, … Continue reading

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2018 Goals

I had a lengthy list of goals for 2017, and for the most part, failed miserably.  I’m okay with that, life happens, and we had a rough year.  Looking back, I can clearly see I was overreaching.  For 2018 I … Continue reading

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2017 Recap

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, and a safe and fun New Year’s Eve!  I’ve been busy with family and haven’t had much time to gather my thoughts and post recently.  I’m going to end our crappy 2017 … Continue reading

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