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Water Heater Flood Update

Two months after the water heater flood at our old home (current “rental” property), I finally have an invoice from the water mitigation company.  What a joke!  That company is one gigantic scam and I regret feeling pressured to call … Continue reading

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Monday Meal Plan

I haven’t done a meal planning post since February.  I started this blog with motivation and life got in the way.  Hopefully as the cooler months approach, I’ll be back to posting more consistently. Anyway, I did my weekly Wal-Mart … Continue reading

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Speech Therapy : $920 Per Week

I had a long, long post regarding medical and insurance drama I’ve been dealing with for the past month and a half, but I just cannot get myself to click ‘publish’.  For now, here’s an example of what we’re dealing … Continue reading

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Cellphones Cost Too Much

I’m on a roll with selling off items to bring in a little extra income.  However, we don’t just need extra income, we need to slash our expenses as well.  This is proving to be very difficult!! My first thought … Continue reading

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