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Feeling Defeated Pt. 2

Didn’t mean to leave a “cliff hanger” post for so long! Sorry, details at the end about that!*** Part 1 here.  At this point we have paid out $1500 in co-pays.  Now we’re in an isolated room at the children’s … Continue reading

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Feeling Defeated Pt. 1

What a week.  I’m over it.  I’m over the sickness, the home problems, the insurance woes, and the damn debt.  I started 2017 with excitement and motivation to get this debt paid off once and for all!  And instead, we’ll … Continue reading

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No Spend Week

Thanks for all the input on my previous post.  After reading more about it, DH and I are definitely going to try out SimpliSafe!  Once we get our property taxes and new insurances taken care of, we’ll move forward with … Continue reading

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The Surprising Costs of Safety

Update:  Thanks to OneFamily and APairofBartletts we’re looking into SimpliSafe – what a much, much better deal!!! We had an incident occur a few nights ago around 4am.  DH was at work, the kids and I were sleeping.  First I … Continue reading

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When It Rains, It Pours

Literally, and figuratively.  Let me fill you in on the last 10 days… Angry Irma We survived Hurricane Irma.  No property damages to report, but we were without power for a week.  School was canceled all last week, because many … Continue reading

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Before I go into my post, I wanted to say my thoughts are with those in Houston area and Cape Coral that are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.   I have family in both locations, and know it’s … Continue reading

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Monday Meal Plan

I haven’t done a meal planning post since February.  I started this blog with motivation and life got in the way.  Hopefully as the cooler months approach, I’ll be back to posting more consistently. Anyway, I did my weekly Wal-Mart … Continue reading

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