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Feeling Defeated Pt. 2

Didn’t mean to leave a “cliff hanger” post for so long! Sorry, details at the end about that!*** Part 1 here.  At this point we have paid out $1500 in co-pays.  Now we’re in an isolated room at the children’s … Continue reading

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Feeling Defeated Pt. 1

What a week.  I’m over it.  I’m over the sickness, the home problems, the insurance woes, and the damn debt.  I started 2017 with excitement and motivation to get this debt paid off once and for all!  And instead, we’ll … Continue reading

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Insurance BS Continued

We’re a few weeks into physical therapy now. It’s frustrating. DS2 is shy and takes a bit to warm up to new people. We’ve seen a different therapist at each visit. By the time he warms up to them, he … Continue reading

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Speech Therapy : $920 Per Week

I had a long, long post regarding medical and insurance drama I’ve been dealing with for the past month and a half, but I just cannot get myself to click ‘publish’.  For now, here’s an example of what we’re dealing … Continue reading

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