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A New Roof

I’m laughing while typing this, because it’s just one thing after another over here lately.  Only one out of nine roofing companies called us back, and this guy isn’t exactly top of the list.  He said “maybe I’ll have time … Continue reading

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The Woes of Homeownership

Oh I’m so mad.  I typed up this entire post and it disappeared, only saving a blank page.  Thanks a lot WordPress.  Certainly didn’t help my mood tonight! This week is not off to a good start!  We have the … Continue reading

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Weekend Recap

It has not been a great weekend. I’ll start with the absolute worst thing ever and end with some halfway good news… Worst Our family suffered the devastating loss of our beloved family dog, a 6lb Chihuahua we’ve had for … Continue reading

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Being a Landlord SUCKS

We own two properties right now.  Our primary residence and our prior residence.  Our primary residence was bought with cash.  No mortgage!  Our prior residence has a mortgage of $59,951.78.  The  payment, including PMI, property taxes, and homeowners insurance is … Continue reading

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