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Water Heater Flood Update

Two months after the water heater flood at our old home (current “rental” property), I finally have an invoice from the water mitigation company.  What a joke!  That company is one gigantic scam and I regret feeling pressured to call … Continue reading

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Rental House Update – Money Pit!

As soon as my post published about insurance covering all the water heater flood damage, were we hit with more bad news. First, my insurance adjuster is a liar.  Basically insurance isn’t covering every thing.  In fact, they’re barely covering … Continue reading

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Rental House ‘Flood’ Claim – Approved!

This week has been non-stop.  I’ve been single handedly dealing with the kids, several appointments, and the rental house saga.  Not to mention I still have to prep for DS2’s birthday party this weekend! I do have good news to … Continue reading

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Welcome Home…

We’re renting our old house to a family member.  Huge mistake, for so many reasons, but this one takes the cake.  Family member told us a couple days ago that they “thought” they heard dripping water under the kitchen sink. … Continue reading

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Weekend Recap

It has not been a great weekend. I’ll start with the absolute worst thing ever and end with some halfway good news… Worst Our family suffered the devastating loss of our beloved family dog, a 6lb Chihuahua we’ve had for … Continue reading

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5 Things Friday

A few blogs I follow do this each week, I figured I’d give it a whirl. 1. Spring cleaning is in full force.  Sorting, organizing, selling, scrubbing, donating, and tossing non-stop all week. Very productive! Waiting for a few people … Continue reading

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Being a Landlord SUCKS

We own two properties right now.  Our primary residence and our prior residence.  Our primary residence was bought with cash.  No mortgage!  Our prior residence has a mortgage of $59,951.78.  The  payment, including PMI, property taxes, and homeowners insurance is … Continue reading

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