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Lorex Baby Monitor Recall Scam? Theft?

I’m posting all of this, just to be able to tweet, share, and maybe get ahold of someone at Lorex who is capable of dealing with the situation, because I am sick and tired of chasing what is rightfully mine. … Continue reading

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Happy Fourth!

I’m being that old, grumpy lady who can’t stand the noise of the fireworks tonight. I’m under the weather and the littlest one is finally sleeping. I might cry if all this noise wakes him up! I can absolutely see … Continue reading

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Buying in Bulk – School Snack Savings

I’m not a fan of buying allthethings in bulk, but I do have a few items I buy monthly/bi-monthly at the local warehouse club.  I’m talking about places like Sam’s, BJ’s, Costco, etc.  When my father passed away a couple … Continue reading

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Trying to Avoid a Yard Sale = Fail

Since we moved, we’ve set aside items to sell/donate/trash as we’ve (slowly) unpacked.  I’m in a spring cleaning mood, and the piles to get rid of are quickly growing.  We hate having yard sales.  The end result is always nice; … Continue reading

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Little Wins

I think people have a tendency to dwell on the negative when we’re stressed out, living paycheck to paycheck, dealing with debt, or even just the day-to-day activities of our lives.  I am not immune to that and think it’s … Continue reading

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A New Beginning

I have been an avid reader of personal finance blogs for several years.   I love following peoples journey paying off debt, saving, and living frugally.  I’m a numbers nerd, these things appeal to me.  I’m also a stressed out … Continue reading

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