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Hurricane Prep

No updates on my homeowner’s insurance drama. Honestly, I don’t have the energy to deal with it this week. Too much going on, what’s another week delay after three months of fighting?! I’ll have my debt update soon! We’re busy … Continue reading

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July Debt Update

Summer flew by and school starting in July threw me off track.  I just realized we’re over a week into August and I haven’t updated the numbers.   Quick rundown: Our combined May/June updated debt and savings amounts: Starting Debt: … Continue reading

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The Damn Honey Bee’s

Are back.  The are back! After a very expensive extraction and roof repair this spring, the damn bee’s have returned.  I am so over this shit you guys, I can’t afford it.  Homeowner’s Insurance won’t touch it either. I was … Continue reading

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Happy Fourth!

I’m being that old, grumpy lady who can’t stand the noise of the fireworks tonight. I’m under the weather and the littlest one is finally sleeping. I might cry if all this noise wakes him up! I can absolutely see … Continue reading

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Buying in Bulk – School Snack Savings

I’m not a fan of buying allthethings in bulk, but I do have a few items I buy monthly/bi-monthly at the local warehouse club.  I’m talking about places like Sam’s, BJ’s, Costco, etc.  When my father passed away a couple … Continue reading

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Trying to Avoid a Yard Sale = Fail

Since we moved, we’ve set aside items to sell/donate/trash as we’ve (slowly) unpacked.  I’m in a spring cleaning mood, and the piles to get rid of are quickly growing.  We hate having yard sales.  The end result is always nice; … Continue reading

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Little Wins

I think people have a tendency to dwell on the negative when we’re stressed out, living paycheck to paycheck, dealing with debt, or even just the day-to-day activities of our lives.  I am not immune to that and think it’s … Continue reading

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