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Unexpected Repairs

What a waste of a spring break.  DH ended up with the mystery plague that landed our six year old in the hospital a couple weeks ago.  Then we had some of the scariest weather we’ve ever encountered.  Now I’m … Continue reading

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Auto Loan Details

Busy week here. Another one of our credit card accounts was stolen. That’s seems to be a bit more of a coincidence, doesn’t it? Time to pull our credit reports and check for identity theft! New auto loan account is … Continue reading

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Weekend Recap

Thank you all for the comments on my terrible week post.  I appreciate it.  I managed to stay busy this weekend and not let the bad things continue to stress me out. The kids are both on the mend.  After a … Continue reading

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An Eventful Weekend

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  Ours was quite productive… Friday We sold our car to the first person that showed up and for full asking price!  $3,000.00!!  One down, two to go.  Just need those titles… Saturday In the morning … Continue reading

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5 Things Friday – All Good Things!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!   Continuing with the five on Friday theme…. 1. We received a lien release in the mail yesterday!  I just got back from the registration office to request the title.  Another 7-10 business days, and we should … Continue reading

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Car Updates – Selling, Buying, Lien…

One of our main goals for 2017 is selling 3 vehicles and purchasing 1 newer, more reliable vehicle for DH.  We went to the county office to request replacements for 2 of the cars titles.  While there we discovered one … Continue reading

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A Surprise Lien

The time has come to finally sell off our old vehicles!  Perfect timing with tax refunds rolling in.  We cleared them out and cleaned them up.  Next I had to find the titles.  We moved several months ago, every thing … Continue reading

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