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Jobs and Children

I mentioned in my goals update that I am still actively job hunting.  I was.  I think I may have to pause it for awhile.  One of the “in-process” applications has finally updated to “closed” – I assume I was … Continue reading

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So much for that Amazon gig. “Thank you for your interest in the work from home customer service associate position with Amazon. Currently, we do not have any Hiring Event appointments available. Positions are filled. Amazon Recruitment Team” Beyond disappointed. … Continue reading

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The Job Hunt

I did it.  I applied for two jobs within the last week!  This is huge for me. I worked for the same company for over a decade before it closed.  Since then I’ve been a stay at home mom, which … Continue reading

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March Debt Update

The plague that sickened both kids and landed DS1 in the hospital, has officially taken down DH.  Hence the late-in-the-day post today.  Let’s hope I’m not the next victim!  When mom goes down, the whole house turns to shambles!  Ha.  Anyway… … Continue reading

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Car Updates – Selling, Buying, Lien…

One of our main goals for 2017 is selling 3 vehicles and purchasing 1 newer, more reliable vehicle for DH.  We went to the county office to request replacements for 2 of the cars titles.  While there we discovered one … Continue reading

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Woohoo! Damnit.

Woohoo! We sold our ‘old’ washer and dryer set!  $700.00 cash.  I was originally asking $850 for the set, but after nearly two weeks with little interest, I lowered it to $800.  Eventually a sweet little old lady messaged me … Continue reading

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Trying to Avoid a Yard Sale = Fail

Since we moved, we’ve set aside items to sell/donate/trash as we’ve (slowly) unpacked.  I’m in a spring cleaning mood, and the piles to get rid of are quickly growing.  We hate having yard sales.  The end result is always nice; … Continue reading

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