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July Debt Update

Summer flew by and school starting in July threw me off track.  I just realized we’re over a week into August and I haven’t updated the numbers.   Quick rundown: Our combined May/June updated debt and savings amounts: Starting Debt: … Continue reading

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May & June Debt Update

This update is overdue.  I’m just throwing together the months to make it easier for myself.  As I expected, very little progress.  The damage to the rental house drained us quite a bit.  I’m currently appealing my homeowner’s insurance company … Continue reading

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Thursday. Ipads!

Today is the only day this week I do not have any appointments.  By default, it’s a good day for that reason alone.  I’m cooling down after a particular irritating appointment yesterday.  Once I collect my thoughts, and calm down, … Continue reading

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Expensive Furniture? Nah!

I love my dining room set. Absolutely love it. It’s a mid century, 1960’s Lane dining room table, chairs, and hutch. It’s beautiful.  I scored it off of Craigslist for $200 total about 10 years ago.  It desperately needs to … Continue reading

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Buying in Bulk – School Snack Savings

I’m not a fan of buying allthethings in bulk, but I do have a few items I buy monthly/bi-monthly at the local warehouse club.  I’m talking about places like Sam’s, BJ’s, Costco, etc.  When my father passed away a couple … Continue reading

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April Debt Update

April was a bit of a blur.  I admit we didn’t do much for extra income or debt payments this month.  A summary of this month would be credit cards, car repairs, planning a road trip, and job hunting.  I … Continue reading

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Wal-Mart Grocery Pick-Up

Last week I tried out Wal-Mart’s grocery pick-up service for the first time.  It was spring break, and we were being pounded by some of the scariest thunderstorms we’ve had in years.  (Lots of tornados!)  The last thing I wanted to … Continue reading

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