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Jobs and Children

I mentioned in my goals update that I am still actively job hunting.  I was.  I think I may have to pause it for awhile.  One of the “in-process” applications has finally updated to “closed” – I assume I was … Continue reading

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So much for that Amazon gig. “Thank you for your interest in the work from home customer service associate position with Amazon. Currently, we do not have any Hiring Event appointments available. Positions are filled. Amazon Recruitment Team” Beyond disappointed. … Continue reading

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Weekend Recap

It has not been a great weekend. I’ll start with the absolute worst thing ever and end with some halfway good news… Worst Our family suffered the devastating loss of our beloved family dog, a 6lb Chihuahua we’ve had for … Continue reading

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The Job Hunt

I did it.  I applied for two jobs within the last week!  This is huge for me. I worked for the same company for over a decade before it closed.  Since then I’ve been a stay at home mom, which … Continue reading

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Adapting to Change

The time has finally arrived.  DH’s new position recently began.  As a result of his companies “reorganization”, he now works night shift, and received a 5% pay increase, despite being told it would be 7% or 7.5%.  The new position … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day

I figured I’d pop in and complain about how stupid Valentine’s Day is.  We’ve never participated in it.  No roses, no dinner, no romance.  No thank you!  It’s a normal day, just the way we like it.  We walked into … Continue reading

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Employment Unknowns

As the end of another fiscal year quickly approaches, DH’s company is making changes.  A handful  of people were laid off, dozens of positions were eliminated entirely, and five new positions were created.  Interviews were held for the remaining employees … Continue reading

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